Update from TwelveDrawings for 2018

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HEY ARTIST, ARE YOU STILL ALIVE? — As of December 30, 2017, I am very alive and gratefully still sober. I am late middle-aged and not likely to die of old age soon. For now, I am physically healthy and relatively sane. I post regularly on Twitter, so if you see @TwelveDrawings is active, that means I am still breathing.

ARE YOU STILL SOBER? — As 2018 approaches, I am sober Today. I started my drawings in about 2007 and put up this site in 2011. By the grace of God, I have been sober all of that time. For me, a million sober yesterdays would not prove I could "coast" in my sobriety work Today. 

HOW DID YOU DO IT? — I didn't. My Higher Power did. At my very first meeting, they closed with the words, "It works if you work it but you've got to work it ever day." That is the most concrete and practical suggestion I know of, other than the Steps themselves.

ARE YOU STILL MAKING NEW DRAWINGS? — No. After completing six sets of "TwelveDrawings" (a total of 72 illustrations), I felt I was finished; I stopped drawing as abruptly as I started. Four of those sets of drawings are currently posted on this site. I would have gladly put up the other two sets, but I can't remember how that is done. (Lame, I know.) You can get a peek at some of those later drawings in my Twitter photos @TwelveDrawings.

WHY DOES THIS SITE NEVER CHANGE? — Unfortunately, I have not updated it much and it is very flawed from a technology perspective. Sometimes, when you open a page, there is a huge pink area filled with red letters, characters, and numbers. I don't know how to fix that glitch, but if click "refresh" in your browser once or twice, it will fix itself.

Progress, not perfection.





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